The Importance Of Education In The Modern World

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Most people understand that a good education is crucial for success in modern society. Reading, writing, and critical thinking are skills needed in almost every well paid job, but they could also be valuable tools to combat the political and social turmoil predicted for the following decades. Laura Spinney, the author of the NewScientist article, “End of days: Is Western civilisation on the brink of collapse,” believes that the end of civilization as we know it is approaching. While the consequences of this potential downfall could be significant and numerous, education is the key overcoming all of them. If applied on a mass level, education could even avert political crisis. Though it is impractical to expect an entire society to educate themselves within a few decades, I can set an example for those around me by attending a university and gaining the skills I will need to assist the modern world in coping with modern world issues.
When ancient civilizations are analyzed, there is a pattern that leads to the destruction of societies. According to Safa Montesharei, a researcher cited in Spinney’s article, there are two main factors which lead to the fall of civilization. These are resource depletion and inequality. Montesharei explained that, “collapse is irreversible only when the two coincide. ‘They essentially fuel each other.’” This is important because it shows that it is possible to avoid permanent collapse by either closing the gap between the elite and the
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