The Importance Of Education: Means And Consequences

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Chapter 1 INTRODUCTION “A teacher affects eternity and can never tell where the influence stops”. Henry B. Adams Situation Analysis The importance of education is quite clear. One can safely say that man is not in his proper sense till he is educated. According to Mc Clelland (2013) the training of the human mind could not be completed without education as education makes man a right thinker. He added further that education develops man and teaches him how to make sound decisions. Orlando (2013) stated that a teacher’s knowledge, skills, and capabilities are necessary in implementing the goals of education. This idea is supported by Curwin (2016) who says that the teacher is the key factor in any teaching- learning situation. He further says that a teacher is a producer of good, the interpreter of the past, the preserver of the present and the determiner of the future. He further explains that teachers’ delivery of the learning system is a factor that greatly affects the output of both teaching and learning. According to Davis (2013), the saying that says it takes two to tango is true. To make a difference, teachers must be willing and able to create a conducive social environment for learning and students have to be open to the experience of learning in this environment. Halonen (2015) also agrees that teachers should never doubt the power of a good example, particularly if it is significantly connected to real life, in keeping

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