Children Should Go To Prison Essay

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Have you ever wondered if your child 's education has anything to do with prison rates? Well they might actually have something to do with each other. Yearly the government spends almost triple on inmates than they do a child 's education. I think we should change and flip the roles so that children have a greater chance at a better life so less people will go to jail. I think that we should spend more on a child 's education than on an inmate so that the children will have a better future. If people had a better education while they were younger they would experience a better future when they 're older and won 't have to undergo possibly going to jail. Sense the government spends almost triple the amount of money on inmates than they do a child education there pretty much paying…show more content…
In my opinion I think that shoving a person who into a housing facility is a bad idea because a majority of the time they come out worse than they went in. Our country and government has it backwards on this issue we are missing what 's actually happening. We are warehousing people, punishing them and returning them to our society more violent and worse off than they were when they were put in jail. Instead of warehousing people how we do, we should try to turn their lives and thoughts about things around. There is a reason why americans incarnation rates are seven times higher than say our European allies and the murder rate is also ten times higher. We are putting people in jail a lot times for nonviolent crimes then letting them out more violent and dangerous than when they went in. It would so much more cost efficient if we taught them in a non harmful environment. So they would learn not to do it again instead of spending thousands of dollars for nothing except for them just to break the law
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