The Importance Of Education To Achieve The American Dream

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America is said to be the land of the free, the lavish land of endless opportunity. While possible for some, the American Dream is not available to the entire American population. They say Americans withhold the freedom to the American Dream because after all, we do have an infinite amount of resources to lead to that end goal. “All you need is your brilliant mind, and keep going to school. Then, you’ll find the stable dream job you’ve been yearning for,” is all that I’ve heard throughout my life, but does it hold true? For some perhaps it may, but for others they will not achieve their American Dream. To achieve the American Dream, it means to have a stable, promising job and endless happiness with a beloved family. Many Americans will struggle…show more content…
This holds true, because in the United States, there are an unlimited amounts of resources one could use. Public libraries stand everywhere with bookshelves filled to the brim with knowledge. Public schools will always exist where you can learn from educators about calculus, foreign languages, anatomy, construction; anything someone desires to learn, there is a resource lying out there waiting to be discovered. It is only until one wishes to become an expert at a given subject where the road begins to crumble. After public schooling has no more to offer, students are paved the way to college. However, many of the said American students do not have the funds for college, or struggle to make ends meet once they take on the challenge. Part of the challenge is having a job to pay for their tuition, and with only a high school diploma, the chance of finding a well paying job is close to none. A relating experience I have managed to hear from originates from my own mother; she worked two jobs, paid for her sister 's education along with her own, and took out a federal student loan at the ripe age of eighteen. Fast forward thirty years, and the student debt is still a shadow upon every paycheck. Each paycheck is garnished from like venom, therefore making it difficult to supply our family because she is the only income we have. If it were not for the expensive education that came along with her success, she would be living her American
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