The Importance Of Educational Disadvantages In Primary Schools?

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As part of The School-Aged Child module we have been asked to critically discuss how it is important that educational disadvantage in Irish primary schools is addressed through inclusive provision for children and parents making reference to the curriculum, management, legislative developments and ethos. Throughout this essay the statement will be critically analysed while looking at the pros and cons of the importance of the educational disadvantage in primary schools. During this essay educational disadvantage, inclusive prevision, context factors including; curriculum, management, legislative development and ethos as well as parents and how they are affected will be discussed throughout this essay. According to Barnardos (2014) Education is a right and not a privilege. Education is a right that can make all the difference to a child as it gives them the best possible start in life and sets them on a path to opportunity and hope for a bright future. As this statement points out all children have a right to go to school including children from all ethnic backgrounds, therefore it would not matter where there child comes from or where they live, every child is entitled to go to school to learn and become confident individuals and develop the opportunity for further study and carer opportunities for later life. Education in Ireland is compulsory for children aged six to sixteen or until they have completed three years of secondary school (Department of Education and Science

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