The Importance Of Educational Psychology

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Educational psychology (EP) is a branch of psychology which is apprehensive about the logical investigation of human learning. Many psychologists and philosophers came up with theories regarding EP such as; the cognitive development theory of Jean Piaget, the moral developmental theory by Kohlberg and Gilligan and at the same time special focus was given to different teaching methods through this branch of psychology. “Psychology is the science of behavior and cognitive processes” (Baron, 2013, p.5) Therefore EP consists of the study of an individual’s mental thoughts and actions in an educational environment. According to Bohlin, Durwin and Reese-Weber “The science of educational psychology involves formulating theories – sets of ideas that are used to explain a phenomenon and make predictions about behavior – and then conduct research to determine how well those theories explain the phenomenon” (2012, p.6). EP is the psychology of learning and educating, but then a dominant part of instructive clinicians invest their energy concentrating on approaches to portray and enhance learning and instructing. Hence, our meaning of EP is the utilization of psychology and mental techniques to the revise of advancement, learning, inspiration, guideline, appraisal, and related issues that impact the communication of educating and teaching (Elliott, et al., 2000). EP always focuses on the recognized method of teaching and learning which takes place between a student and the adult who

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