The Importance Of Effective Communication

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A communication is a heart of every organisation. Communication is when two or more people communicate with each other by giving or receiving information or giving ideas. In order to make a business being successful, it is important to be able to communicate and give a clear message. There are two types of communication verbal and non-verbal communication.

Verbal communication can either be people who spoke with two or more people or written words. Non-verbal communication is a body language that can provide a valuable feedback such as eye contact, facial expressions, body gesture and movement. In order to have a good communication with people, we need to think and plan before we speak or write by using appropriate language and always be open-minded because it gives you a lot of ideas. Always obtain a feedback from others so that you know what you good at and what you lack of when communicate. Graphic communication can have verbal and non-verbal components and can represent the ideas, relationships or connections visually with either using shapes, diagrams and lines. Effective communication is important because to avoid misunderstanding from each other and express your needs and opinions of what you need and want.

According to my research, the principles of effective communication consist of the 7C’s. First, the message needs to be clear and easy to understand, so people will know exactly what we need and want. Second, we need to be concise, by stick to the points and
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