The Importance Of Effective Communication In Canada

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Effective communication is a key element when engaging in successful business relationships. This is especially true when conducting business on a global scale. Understanding the customs and courtesies of Canada is a requirement if a firm wants to expand into Canadian territories. The first thing people will notice about a person is their appearance. Knowing what to wear will assist in maintaining a positive first impression. First, in Canada, the weather dictates what attire will be worn, due to the cold winters and short summers (Roberts & Taylor, n.d.). Canadians dress conservatively, and the business attire is no exception. Men should wear a dark colored business suit, such as dark blue or gray, with a white or light blue shirt (Roberts & Taylor, n.d.). In addition, the tie and lapel should be of traditional length and width. Traditional, or classic, is the key to the…show more content…
First, don’t make the mistake of addressing them as “Americans” in an effort to establish comradery (Roberts & Taylor, n.d.). Canada is its own distinct country, so including them along with the United States may seem like their sovereignty is being diminished (Roberts & Taylor, n.d.). Meetings in Canada are organized and conform to a schedule (“Canada- Language, Culture”, n.d.). During the meeting, a democratic approach is normally taken, unless in a French Canadian territory. Due to their respect for hierarchy, French Canadian meetings normally conform to senior executives (“Canada- Language, Culture”, n.d.). Business meetings will cover a wide range of subjects, and all attendees are expected to express their opinions. Furthermore, Canadians are logical people, so using facts and figures to substantiate claims is recommended (“Canada- Language, Culture”, n.d.). Remembering these guidelines will set the stage for an effective and successful meeting in

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