The Importance Of Effective Education

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Education is the first step for the development of societies and it has an important role in humans ' social life. There are a lot of skills, techniques and practices that may help the teacher to be effective. From my point of view, allowing an environment in order to enable the students to learn in the classroom by using their different abilities is the main source of being an effective teacher. Teachers must not stop learning and searching for new methods and ways of teaching, but unfortunately teachers are becoming less qualified and powerless when it comes to giving good and effective education. They are unable to convey the messages they are supposed to give. They depend teacher based method in which they all the time give information without giving chance to students to respond. Nevertheless, teaching is not about giving information only; it is actually about what students can get out of this information. And for the students to be able to get benefit out of the information they have to use this information practically not only getting it. So, teachers should do their best to have the students’ attention, and help them absorb information. Such thing needs a good and a qualified teacher to do (Thompson et al, 2004). When effective way of teaching is practiced, students…show more content…
When teachers plan their lesson in a good way, they can provide their students with multi of resources that may help them a lot. With the help of raising questions, some guidance, flexibility, knowing how to stimulate the students and having their attention to participate will make the lesson perfect. Good teachers should make the lesson meaningful by using any possible mean to make the lesson easier and more interesting. They should prepare the methods in which they will explain the subject. If the material is not clear, an effective teacher can reproduce the material to suit his or her students (Moreno,

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