The Importance Of Effective Leadership In Health Care

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Nurses around the world believe that their profession is more than just a job, but it’s a way of life. They indeed, play very significant roles in promoting wellness, treatment, recovery, and sustainability of patient’s health. As a practitioner themselves, they are in one heart towards one goal, but more often than not, they are a kind of a patient of their own as well. Nurses are same with other noble professions who have needs, thus, working in this field also calls for a healthy working environment and a sound professional growth to keep them going and to be the best as they can be.
The administrators of every nursing care units stand in a gap between quality service and quality people. They have the great responsibility in shaping the profession to be more adaptive to timely challenges in their vocation and to be constantly proactive in delivering valuable services to those who are in need. Through time, healthcare faces a number of political, social and moral issues, which calls now for an effective leadership in every healthcare unit (Cummings, et al (2010).
The importance of effective leadership in health care has been emphasized by a number of authors and nursing leadership is pivotal to this as nurses represent the largest discipline in health care (Curtis, 2011). A good and efficient leadership in the implementation of diverse nursing roles are seen to have a great impact on addressing concerns and eventually believe in retaining dedicated nurses in their

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