The Electoral College System

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The electoral college system is something that holds many responsibilities, and it should not be removed. This system is important because electors are elected people (elected by the people living in that state) that have immense knowledge about the government and make sure that a good president takes the seat. Slavery may have been a problem to the colonists when the system was first established, but now it shows everyone the accomplishments of America. The electoral college allows every state to be included in the election and is the system that holds the nation together. There are many uneducated people in the country that vote and they do not consider who the best president is, but only who everyone else might be voting for. Electors are there when good decisions need to be made. Alexander Hamilton states,…show more content…
Senator Mitch McConnell states that the electoral voting system is, “Designed to promote good government and legislation that forwards the common good of a large and diverse nation.” He believes that just because the electoral voting system does not please many people and sometimes may not elect the president that everyone thinks should be the president does not make the system have enough flaws to just cast it out. It exists for many reasons, but mainly for choose the right person for the job. It is the system that keeps the government and its people together like a “linchpin,” as he states. If it were to be removed, the nation could collapse. The electoral college voting system is that exists today to keep the nation going, without having to battle the wrong decisions made by uneducated people. This system keeps the nation from collapsing and makes sure that every state is included in every election. This system makes it possible for every vote to be
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