The Importance Of Emancipation For Young Adulthood

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I remember this one time when I was around the age of 6; I got upset with my parents. I decided they didn’t love me and that the only solution to this problem was to run away. I took a bag, stuffed my doll in it and left. Oblivious to the hardships of life as an independent 6 year old, I was back home within the hour due to hunger. I’m sure most of you experienced something similar as children, perhaps even as young adults. You may have felt unloved or misunderstood, wanting to leave. Today, I will be discussing emancipation and how it should not allow young adults to live independently in order to further benefit them. Upon careful research and numerous readings, I’d like to present my speech, which will define emancipation, discuss the suitability of, and alternatives to emancipation. According to the Journal of Pediatric Nursing, “emancipation is a process that offers adolescents a solution to serve in the role of an adult in circumstances that warrant the need for more autonomy”. (Lane, 2012). When a minor is emancipated, their parents no longer have custody nor control over them; they become legal adults, taking responsibility for their own life and decisions. The Judicial Branch of California states that there are three ways a minor can receive emancipation through: marriage, military enlistment, or court permission. (Judicial Council of California, 2015). Minors that may seek emancipation through judicial court do so by filing a petition. The petition may be filed by

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