The Importance Of Emergency Management

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Context: In any profession/organization or company, leadership entails influence. Why do organizations have leadership position? To the best of my understanding, and from reading through the United Stated Marine Corps Leadership Principles (USMCLP), leadership positions exist to establish direction (prevent failure), align and to motivate and inspire people. Northouse (2013) in his work entitled Leadership: Theory and practice, pointed out that “without influence, leadership does not exist” (p. 5). While there are several leadership principles and there are different means/ways of executing them, the end result would either be the same or similar if carried out in good faith. Therefore, whether the leadership principles is associated to the Marine, Air force, Navy, Financial institutions or that of McDonald and so on, the leaderships and the principles have a mission which is to help or get a group to attain objectives through the utmost application of its capabilities. Therefore, good leadership in any given profession plays critical role in bringing the vision to the fulfillment.

Analysis: The eleven USMCLP can be
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As far as I am concerned, emergency management director who lack such leadership principles need to quit. No one would like to follow/work with a director who constantly fails to take responsibility nor would any one work with a director that has no sense of responsibility in his/her subordinates. In emergency management, it is obvious there is no time for reluctance, hence the need to make solid and timely decisions because time and life are not friendly during disasters. Meanwhile, information is the currency of the responders in time of disaster; therefore, keeping emergency personnel informed is critical for saving life and protecting
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