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Emerging technologies and fashion design -Wearable technology (Lee et al; 2015) is redefining our relationship with the fashion world around us. With each developing device, the technology is reinventing the way we connect with each other, the way we communicate and share daily activities across any time zone or distance. Many probably know what wearable technology is, but perhaps do not know what it does. Designers have an important role to play when it comes to wearable gadgets. Particularly when technologies are incorporated into fashion design, the philosophy and principles for the wearable technology design is fundamentally different from the traditional designs contributed by designers such as Brenzi (Brenzi, 2003), Bernsen (1986), and Munari (1981).
Change is constant exemplifies the fashion world. Fashion designers & philosophers of the old design world ( those who have not dealt with SFW), with due respect to the their accomplishments & contributions, the following remarks are and pertinent : (i) some of their thoughts are still relevant and seminal, (ii) most of their thoughts are obscure and obsolete for the smart fashion wearable world (new world), (iii) so far, as per my literature review,
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Interactive sites are more engaging and help to preserve customers. So, when it comes to wearable technology, responsive design can entail designers to take a completely new approach. The more interactive the design is, the better is the user experience. For instance, voice navigation is a great interactive element one can get in their wearable gadgets. The best part about wearable tech is that, it allows user to get an insight of the technology. This means as a designer, you are responsible for making your design dynamic with a clear understanding of who your target audiences are and how best you can meet their

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