The Importance Of Emerging Technology

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Technology and our lifestyle
Technology have played a vital role to improve our daily life, it has a great impact on education, medicine, entertainment, travelling and many other daily basis. Nowadays people are able to perform many tasks whenever they are using smartphones or any other devices, which means that they can make use of their time for example the time of travelling.
Due to the importance of technology and its impact on individuals, society, and the environment, it is being evolving and new technologies are emerging in each decade. (Long, Lawrey, & Ellis, 2016) (Figure 1)

What is Emerging Technology?
Emerging technology is a new technology which is developed within the next decade. For example: 3D printing, 4G and
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(Figure 5)
19th century
In this era, pocket watches where popular. A German artillery officer had a problem of using both hands to use the pocket watch while timing his bombardments. To solve this problem he strapped the pocket watch to his wrist and come up with the idea of wristwatches. (Figure 6)
In 1907 German inventor Julius Neubronner invented probably the first GoPro. He wanted to take aerial shoots. So creatively all what he did is that he attached a small lightweight camera to a pigeon and set a timer, then the pigeon flies and the aerial shoot is taken.
(Figure 7)

In 1961, two mathematicians come up with an idea of cheating in a roulette game. They have designed a computerised timing device that can predict where the ball would land in a roulette table and hid inside a shoe. Then the number is communicated to the gambler. This way of cheating has increased the percentage of winning
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Google Glass is an optical head-mounted display designed in the shape of a pair of eyeglasses. It was developed by X with the mission of producing a computer found everywhere (6). Google glass is an example of augmented reality. When you wear the glass you can see overlay information about the world around you, in addition to many other features listed below. (Figure 14)

Features of Google glass
1) It can pop a reminder on your screen (Figure 15)
2) Deliver to you the current weather condition (Figure 16)
3) You can dictate a text or short message using the built-in microphone (Figure 17)
4) You can set your destination and it provides you with directions (Figure 18)
5) You can take photos (Figure 19)
6) You can join google hangout, and you could share what you’re seeing (Figure 20)
Wearable computing issues
a) They easily subject to moisture, especially fitness devices, and it could affect its operation
b) Connectivity and privacy – hackers can attack the connection when connected to WIFI or Bluetooth and access private information
c) Expensive
d) Poor battery life – constantly needs to be charged
e) Awkward design issues, where many of the devices doesn’t look
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