The Importance Of Eminent Domain

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Eminent Domain Must Be Abolished in the United States
Everyone has had some time in their life when something was wrongfully stolen, like a toy, watch, or a piece of clothing. Now imagine the feeling of losing one’s own house. It is very frustrating to have something valuable stolen, but it would be enraging to have one’s trust abused as well. For years, the United States Government has used a practice known as Eminent Domain. Eminent Domain is the Legal practice in which the United States federal government influences its right to seize private property and civil assets. While the government may claim that this is for the good of everyone, the facts say otherwise in the vast majority of cases. Eminent Domain has put a restraint on the American
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This aspect is a paradox of the fundamental reasoning behind Eminent Domain. One instance of the critical impact of Eminent Domain is the San Francisco Redevelopment project, in which the involved agency evicted over 4,000 local residents. In this particular Eminent Domain, most of the victims, who were living below the poverty level, were removed from their homes and relocated across the South of Market neighborhood, in favor of an Eminent Domain exercise aimed at creating space for the development of luxurious hotels, parks, markets and businesses. According to statistics, this project influenced significant socio-economic disparity, as corporations moved in to the project to do business. Then the poor who originally owned the area remained in the outskirts, without jobs. In this regard, it is apparent that eminent domain can influence significant unfairness against certain specific minority groups, and other demographics in the U.S. community (Kerekes, p…show more content…
This is due to their profound influence, and financial power to establish new investments. On the other end, local civilians present the demographic group that usually assumes the most deprived position in the mix. As such, eminent domain is a practice that generates significant questioning of the moral compass and, and ethical foundations upon which the leadership of The United states is founded (Baude, p 34). Finally, different states in America are governed by different sets of rules and legislations. This aspect renders eminent domain a major causal aspect of legislation controversies, as eminent domain presents a profound basis for litigation, which affects peace, harmony and unity of the United States as country. In this light, there is a dire need for the U.S government to abolish the practice of eminent domain, and to face the endeavor of finding new strategies, and new principles of acquiring private property in cases where the needs and wants of the public are deemed necessary (Gallagher & Elizabeth, p
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