Referentialism In Art

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Based on what Bennet Reimer (1989) said, the experiences most people have with art testify to the existence of feeling but feeling as somehow different from the emotions outside art. And to teach either by externalizing emotion from the artistic context in which it arises or by ignoring the existence of feeling, seems to miss the point of art’s peculiar emotional appeal.
According to the Referentialist, musical sounds are conventional symbols in that they have meanings which can be agreed upon and which can be translated into other symbols such as words. The meaning of musical sounds, then, can be stated in words. Of course, musical sounds can also be translated into notation, but no one.
If all meanings could be adequately expressed by words,
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It is not nonverbal language such as numbers or musical notation or “body language” or Morse code or, any other examples of true nonverbal languages. It is also not an “indefinite language”. That idea implies that music tries to be language but is only able to succeed minimally while “real” languages succeed fully. So music becomes a kind of failed language, like words used poorly that their meanings are vague. The fact is, music and all arts are not vague or indefinite at all. They are exquisitely precise in what they do, which is to capture and display the dynamics if feeling in meticulous, specific, exacting detail.
Another common idea about the relation of music and emotion is that music is an “expression of emotion”. According to this idea, the composer uses sounds as a symptom of her emotional condition at the time she is composing. The sounds are “working off” of her emotions, serving a purpose similar to slamming doors or pounding her pillow or slapping her forehead. To the degree that the composed sounds embody the emotion the composer is feeling, they are successful as
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All these represent the side of how music affects people in their daily lives. There are positive and negative effects but also no significant or neutral. This may very well be the outcome only. This study seeks to find how a specific genre influences a person’s worth of art and that is rock. The Theories of both good and bad is a huge help in balancing results. Various studies have been done and had become basis and support. These studies show different results hence still confusing. In conclusion, there is a relative connection to music and people but the question now is if it would reflect on their

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