The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Education

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"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way." by John C. Maxwell. A good leader doesn 't only have guts and the strength to preside but also he has the intelligence on how to build a strong foundation with his co-workers. It is not only having a good decision that can lead to the betterment of the organization but also the interpersonal relationship you will encompass towards each other. He does not only think about the position he carries but also the passion within him. He must be the epitome of being a good follower to show them off what a good organization will be. Thus, the emotional intelligence of leaders must be tested for the better results of good leadership.
Developing student leaders at the tertiary level is the main goal of many educational institutions because of its perceived relevance to the students and their society. Students who have acquired leadership skills will enhance their interpersonal skills, self- management skills which are greatly needed in their field of expertise .In addition to that, through leadership skill, students will become productive individual who can contribute positively in a society. Emotional intelligence has been a great concern for many researchers and psychologists since time immemorial. According to Goleman (1995), emotional intelligence focuses on understanding emotions in order to attain a desired goal and adapt in various situations. There are four essential traits underlying it which can be

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