The Importance Of Emotional Intelligence In Hospitality

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Hospitality is very dynamic and diverse industry to work in. A heterogeneous group of people comes together to work in the same workspace. Because of the heterogeneous nature of the industry and because the employees must deal with guests and colleagues it becomes extremely important for the employees to develop emotional intelligence. Working in hospitality industry means long, tiring and stressful hours. Which is why people needing to maintain positive workplace attitude and motivation in the work place.

Emotions in any work play a very important role in how the person will perform throughout the day and how he/she will handle a problem. Emotions may affect how we feel or how we will react towards others in a certain situation. The decisions we make in our daily life are based on emotions such as hiring employees or firing someone (Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace: What It Is and Why it Matters, n.d.). Emotional intelligence relates to how people and relationships operate for example the relationship between the employee and the employer or the employee and the organization (Marchant, 2015).

Emotional intelligence means how a person can control his/her feelings along with managing another person’s emotion. There are five components of emotional intelligence: (1) self-awareness (2) self-regulation (3) motivation (4) empathy (5) social skills (Jeffery Bargraim, 2011, p. 73). People should be self-aware of their own emotions like their fear, strengths, their
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