The Importance Of Empathic Listening

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The freedom to choose is not something that is talked about all the time. Whether we realize it or not, everything that goes on in our lives is based on the choices we make. We all have decisions that we make on a daily basis and somehow it does impact the life that we live. The choices that are made not only does it affect our personal lives, but it also affects the way we feel and how we interact with people. According to (Fischer, 2012), “too much choice can produce a paralyzing uncertainty, depression, and selfishness. Researchers have shown that offering Americans more options increases the chances that they make poor choices, choices they later regret, or no choice at all, whether the choices involve buying jam or saving for retirement”.…show more content…
Now with this it is hard to show empathy for people. Personally this affects how people feel and being in touch with one’s feelings. Now I show little empathy for people on outside I appear tough but on the inside I do feel sorry for people. But I cannot help but think that maybe someone is saying to make someone feel sorry for another person. Sometimes it is good to listen some people need to vent, especially when they become frustrated. This type of listening is hard for me because I rather talk than listen. I am a no non-sense person and reading on this type of listening has made me realize that I have issues with listening. I never realized how out of touch I have become with listening to understand. The biggest benefit of empathic listening is building trust. This one reason most people like to share information it makes you feel good when you have someone that will listen to you wholeheartedly. The one person that will give you their undivided attention is a person to trust. Some risk for this type of listening is communication, this cannot be stressed enough. Failure to communicate leaves room for lack of

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