Why Do Empires Exist In Modern Society

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“Empires are large political units that distinction hierarchy as it incorporates new people”, this definition of empire is founded in Empires in World History. Power and the Politics of Difference . Empires are seen throughout history as interties which operated by enforcing violence and coercion . Empires had the ability to take their conquests and turn them into profitable economic investment . Empires possessed the strength to forced people into slavery from the African continent and transport them across oceans to work in sugar plantations and in homes where they were treated as objects and not human beings . These slave workers lost their families and loved ones who they never saw again. Throughout this essay I will be discussing the significance of empires across the world and how empires still exists in our modern society. Imperial repertories, a monarchical behaviour are restricted by its history and geography . Rome and Chinas empires were founded in 3rd century BCE where both were massive in their physical size, leaders in world trade with commerce and production and founders in creating a cultural framework which are a set of values common in a specific society,…show more content…
The Ottoman Empire also managed to bend different traditions like Arab and Persian into a durable power . A critical factor of empires was their relationship as it affected their politics . Intersection which are common lines that cross, between empires provoked imitation, competition and war because each empire wished to control majority of the world, old and new . The breaking down of empires had severe consequences . Throughout history there have been people like Napoleon and Hitler that tried creating their own empires which lead to destruction and wars but countries like Russia and Britain defending themselves against Hitler’s and Napoleons imperial rule
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