The Importance Of Employee Empowerment In The Workplace

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At present, different companies like to focus on getting a competitive advantage in the market. New technology, modern equipment, good marketing policies, excellent customer services and some other aspects can be the aspects to make the advantages (Rozana, 2016). Though, human resource is the most considerable assets of an enterprise and its failure or success depends on their performance and qualifications. The employees are the repository of skills, knowledge, and capabilities that can’t be copied by the rivals. Products, technologies, and procedures are simply copied by the rivals; though, employees are the most strategic resource of the business. A new approach of management is employee empowerment or participative management involving…show more content…
In the workplace, empowerment is an often-misunderstood perception (Ugboro, & Obeng, 2000). Employee empowerment is a term that different organisations and managers consider that they recognise, but few do, and even fewer actually put into practice. So, people can make research problem. Is there a link between employee empowerment and job satisfaction, motivation and turnover…show more content…
The employees are the source of skills, knowledge, and capabilities that can’t be copied by the opponents (Weiss, 2002). Some managers understand that by empowering staffs, they will lose their responsibility to handle and control the business. Actually, empowerment is a culmination of several views and tenets of employee satisfaction that are described and observed in different periodicals and books concentrated on the issue. Empowering staffs assist to positive outcomes for staffs, their managers, and their companies also guide to business encouragement of entrepreneurial features and encourage staffs to make good decisions, take action, and improve their view that they can take command of their own destinies (Springer, 2011). This trust supports to self-motivation and a feeling of independence that is translated into greater loyalty and additional determination for the company. Empowered staffs come to consider that they handle their own accomplishment by their hard work and efforts, which sequentially benefits the success of the company. To conclude, if a company needs a highly motivated, satisfied, productive human resource, the value of job satisfaction and business commitment must not be overlooked. It is apparent that high job satisfaction and business commitment will evade turnover. Each staff has particular types of expectations and needs and it is not possible to please every expectation and need of

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