Essay On End Of Life Education

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The limitation of current end of life care education
The end of life care education course can shape nurses’ attitude toward caring of dying patients so as to reduce anxiety about death and consequently have a positive influence on nurses’ attitude towards caring of dying (Wass, 2004; Abu Hasheesh, AI- Sayed AboZeid, Goda EI-Zaid& Alhujaili, 2014; Adesina, DeBellis & Zannettino,2014; Wessel & Rutledge, 2005). However, somehow, there is still limitation of end of life care education to the newly graduated nurse in delivering end of life care. Nursing students and newly graduated registered nurses claimed that the training was inadequately prepared them to deal with death and dying (Cavaye & Watts, 2010). Also, 72% in 607 registered nurses reported that did not formally end of life care courses in
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Besides, nurses who had more contact with dying patients have more positive attitudes towards care of the dying may influence quality of end of life care. Whether the pre-licensure education has successfully shaped local nurses’ attitudes and beliefs regarding end of life care despite of probably limited practical experience was questionable and lack researches in Hong Kong. Understanding the relationship of experiences on end of life care to the attitude and confidence of nurses in delivering end of life care will provide additional information on the need to prepare local nurses more in delivering quality care of the dying (Welch, 2013). By a study, almost all of the respondents(nurse) indicated that end of life care was a part of their practice and that continuing education was important, but more than half of the respondents had fewer than two hours of continuing education regarding end of life care in the past two years. Twenty-five percent of the respondents do not believe they are adequately prepared to effectively care for a dying patient. Symptom management was the top-rated core competency, consistent across
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