The Importance Of Engaging Students In Reading

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Engaging students in reading has always been and might always be a hard task if educators and parents do not seek to find ways to engage the minds of the children. If that is not done then children grow up with a pre-conceive notion about reading which would make it harder for them to read a book on their own, like reading or even see the value of it. Unfortunately, I can say that I was a student who never liked reading, who never saw the value of it and rather watch a movie based on book than read it but I can proudly say that I no longer share those views of my younger self and I do see the value and benefits of reading and appreciate it much more. As a prospective teacher, I try to identify strategies and activities that would foster students interest in reading and allow them to see the authenticity in literary works. The article by Melissa Dennihy, “Teaching American Literature: A Journal of Theory and Practice Spring 2005,” is very intriguing, as I read each sentence, each paragraph, each page, I was just in awe and wanted to read more. Not only did I find her strategy amazing but the results were astonishing to the point that I would like to create my own course outline for a subject just to gain a greater appreciation for literary works, writers and to expand my own knowledge and understanding.
As I began to read the article, I could picture my first day of my first course in Literature, “Introduction to Literature,” and the lecturer asking the class similar
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