Reading Reflection And Analysis

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Engaging students in reading has always been and might always be a hard task if educators and parents do not seek to find ways to engage the minds of the children. If that is not done then children grow up with a pre-conceive notion about reading which would make it harder for them to read a book on their own, like reading or even see the value of it. Unfortunately, I can say that I was a student who never liked reading, who never saw the value of it and rather watch a movie based on book than read it but I can proudly say that I no longer share those views of my younger self and I do see the value and benefits of reading and appreciate it much more. As a prospective teacher, I try to identify strategies and activities that would foster students…show more content…
One difference I would state is that I choose to specialize in Language and Literature because I love the linguistic aspect of it and I love to write poetry, short stories and expositions but reading was a bore to me. Although, I loved her strategy used, it was at a tertiary level institution and the students went through different levels of education, being early childhood, primary and secondary and their views on reading was constantly negative. What caused and still causes that? There needs to be a drastic change in how educators approach the teaching of Language Arts and specifically Literature. I believe if I knew how rewarding was from early my analytical and critical skills could have been of the ‘roof’. More educators need to think of creative ways to teach literature at an early stage in people lives so they can see how rewarding and beneficial it can be even if one is not pursuing a career in…show more content…
I believe that the students were interested in the assignment because of the intensive work they put in and at the end of it all may have seen the benefits of American Literature or gain a whole new perspective on Literature and reading as a whole. The fact that they had relevant reasons and appropriate and effective research to back of their points showed the effort and interest they had and I believe she was proud of the results and even learned as a lecturer from those students. Student centred strategies are always effective and allows the learner to have a sense of control and allow them to gain an appreciation on their own without being forced to conform to someone else’s ideas and views. By allowing the students to choose their own books they can get a sense of what they like and may realize that it could be the content that does not interest them and not reading on a whole. Students have a mind of their own and allowing them to choose books can also help in future reference when teaching different students. The world is changing and sometimes specific books are better to use to teach with and refer to than

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