The Importance Of Engineering Management

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The research precis is based on Engineering Management of the organizational of which it includes organizational structure, operational management ethics management, leadership, teaming and management system thinking. As an engineering manager, leadership is one of the skill that you must possess so that you can be influential to your employees rather than dictating, as a manager you must be able to lead by example. Employees wants to led by manager than are influential rather than dictation approach. As a manager, you must develop an operational management strategy so that you can align your vision with that of an organisation.
As a manager, you abide by ethics management so that you know what is right or wrong within the organization.
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1.4 Teaming
Teaming refers to the grouping of people working together within organization to achieve a common objectives or goals. (Holpp, 1999). It has been established that working as a team improves the productivity of the organization rather than having to work in silos.
F1 racing is one example that shows that teaming is very imperative for any organization to be successful, every team member works together to achieve a common objective. If the team does not work in sync it might cause the team not to win the race.
As an engineering manager or project manager it is very imperative if there is a project to be done to hire a group of people that have the right skill to complete a project because unskilled team members might cause the project to fail, the project is more likely to be successful with the right people within the
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As a manager for you to be successful and be influential to the organization and the people that reports to you, you need to develop operational strategy. This strategy will help you to aligns your vision with the goals, mission, values and vision of the organization.
Operational management strategy of the organization includes:
• Vision- Refers to how the organization wants to see itself in future.
• Mission- Refers to the purpose of the organization, the existence of the organization. This give organization direction to which customers the organization needs to attract.
• Value- These are the principles that the organization carries, this include decision making and code of ethics.
As manager, you must be able to handle conflicts within the employees and be a able to come up with a resolution that favours both parties, make good decision for the benefit of the organization.
Below are some of the operational management skills that an engineering manager should possess:
• Negotiation
• can handle conflict
• Understand standards, code of ethics and

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