The Importance Of English And English Skills

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CHAPTER I: INTRODUCTION 1. Background of the study The faster the development of technology and services, the easier the communication between countries in either trading or tourism. As a result, the great number of goods are consumed by overseas markets, and technology has done well its role as an advertiser bringing out a country to the world so as to attract foreign tourists. However, the language differences give the problem of communication for all countries, it requires a mutual language for all to communicate and trade the goods. In this situation, English regularly demonstrates its role to other languages when it has been selected for the mother language in many countries as well as the second language in more other countries. Nowadays, the use of English is more widespread because of the business-environment revolution, the deep development in technology such as the internet. Although English has been taught for a long time in Vietnam – a developing country, almost all people seem to be not aware of the importance of English in a true way that is the reason why studying English is not widely popular. On the here and now, however, if we have a mastery of English skills, we can hold a chance to get a good job with good position and high salary, even communicate and integrate into international community. In addition, English is a tool to help us gain wide knowledge outside to cultivate our minds and upgrade our majors. For that reason, many universities have applied
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