The Importance Of English As A Foreign Language

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English is considered to be the King among other languages. In other words, English has become the lingua franca in the world in recent years. Looking around the world, it is easily to see people speaking English. There are 1,500 million people speaking English – that is one is four of us (Mei-Pochtler, 2016) and more than 50 English speaking countries as a second language on over the world (Holloway, 2014). The reason English has been spoken by most people can be explained by looking through the world’s history and business industry. Back in the sixteenth century, English was a language used simply by a large number of habitants in England. Its social impact was not as incredible as that of Italian or French, and its range was smaller than Spanish. In the next two centuries, however, the English-talking group extended rapidly, as the common and modern insurgencies occurred in Britain and its citizenry spread from the metropole to its provinces. By the mid-nineteenth century, the UK had become a powerful country and approved policies for language assimilation in its colonies, prescribing English as the official language to be taught at school and in so doing greatly enlarging the speech community of English (Yaowen, 2013). Besides that, business has played a significant role leading English to be international language. Workers whose employments oblige them to connect with people in outside nations say that English is the prevailing language of business. More than one
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