The Importance Of English As A Second Language

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There are about 375 million English as a first language speakers and 750 million English as a second language speakers. English as official or special status in at least 70 countries. Just hearing the numbers gives you an inkling of just how important English is. The influence of Great Britain and the United States on international relations and political affairs for the past century has ensured acceptance and proliferation of English as the main language spoken in many countries. This essay will discuss the importance of English, why English is associated with technical and scientific communication, education and employment communications, moreover, the transformation of English to englishes.

As the language development of a child improves, fewer emotional outbursts and tantrums occur. Children can convey emotions through words are able to be more socially successful in school settings and deal more effectively with academic and school tasks. Language is the only way by which we can express our In an English-speaking country, English language development is important for the ability of a child to express and convey emotion. This begins with the beginning coos and babbles of an infant and the connections begin built between the child and the care givers. Early languages emotions, thoughts, desires ideas, feelings etc.English is that language which is spoken by many people.English is an International language. when ever we want to know what is happening on the other

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