The Importance Of English As A Second Language In Japan

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Introduction English is regarded as official language in the world. There are about 17 hundred million and 5 thousand people who are speaking English in the world. In other words, if you speak English, you can communicate with one forth people in the world. The state of English becomes higher now because of globalization. In Japan, the number of the job which needs English skills, especially speaking is increasing. TOEIC or TOEFL is introduced as one of the tools to measure the English skills in universities and companies. However, an English skill in Japan is still low level in the world when it is compared with other countries like China. It is said that Japanese is not good at speaking English in the world. What is different from other countries? In other country, English is accepted as a second language. For Example, English is spoken as a second language in Philippines, or Quebec in Canada. It means these people speak two or three languages. From this information, I will mention about how these situations that two languages exist in one country at the same time, these situations are kept. I would like to think about whether Japan is possible to accept English as a second language or not.

English situation in Japan According to EPI, Japanese English level is the 26th highest country in the 60 country in the world. It looks like Japan is not low level. However, if you think about Japan is the third largest country in the world GDP; Japan should get higher English

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