The Importance Of English As An International Language

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1.1 Background of Study Language is the most important thing in terms of communication. Language is used by people in everyday conversation to express feeling and emotions. Without the language, the communication would not run smoothly. According to Hornby (2010:834), language is the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country or area. The most important language to be learned is English, as we know English is an international language that are used for communicating with other people in the world. In learning English as a foreign language, we should also learn about the culture in understanding the language itself because some of the words and utterances have special meanings and cannot be translated literally. English, as an international language certainly has its own structures. The structure is used in classifying the patterns and the categories of each word which are formed by phrases, clauses, and sentences. Phrasal verb is one kind of multi word verbs which consist of the combination of verb and adverb and particle in the form of phrases. There are many particles commonly followed by a verb in a phrasal verb, such as about, around, round, at, away, back, down, for, in, into, off, on, out, over, etc (Quirk et al., 1985:1151). The meaning of a phrasal verb cannot be predicted form its individual verb and its adverb. Some of the phrasal verbs are commonly idiomatic and cannot be translated

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