The Importance Of English As Standard English

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When it comes to English as education, there has been a controversial debate topic over several decades: Should British or American language be taught as standard English? My answer to this question is, without a doubt, "No". I believe that such a question should not even be considered as a debate topic. There is no such thing like standard or something real in English. Even if some people do think of American or British English as a standard, people mustt refrain from doing so. Through this essay, I will demostrate the term of standard English is logically wrong, show what might happen if American or British English is considered as the standard, and direct the ideal way of learning English. First of all, the term, real English itself, is wrong. Although the way people in certain region speaks may be different from what people in the USA or UK or any other nations that uses English as mother tongue speak, it is still English. It is just a different kind of one of the of Englishes. It does not infer that what they are speaking is wrong. Considering that students of EFL know better of English grammar than students who learned English as their first languague, we can 't firmly say that American or British English is always correct and right, either. Language is a tool that we use to talk to others so depending on who is speaking it does not, and cannot be changed in its essence. As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, English is just English itself. Therefore, the term,
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