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English as we can see now is nominated as the international language long time ago. It is used by foreign people with different country to communicate. Doing a business with foreign people is impossible to understand each other if both businessman are using native languages. That is a small example the use of English as international language. There is also internet which almost entirely consist of English despite there is a tool to translate it to native language. In order to follow the modernization of the world, Indonesian government decided to declare that English is the first foreign language to be taught in class according to UU 32 Tahun 2013 Tentang Standard Nasional Pendidikan (2.c) Jakarta, Presiden Republik Indonesia. The learning English service is also an alternative to parent for their kid beside the school hours. In the class, student will study about basic aspects of English such as Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking.

All of those English learning aspects above are taught in the primary, elementary, and high school. When the students are in the college, the learning level is up, or reaching advance level. The intensive of reading, writing, listening and speaking skill is different. Despite all of the basics
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Bradford (2002;4) states Positively, Figurative Language is the language that either speaks symbolically about the subject or heightens the musicality of the language when speaking about the subject. Negatively, Figurative Language is the language that avoids directly or plainly about the subject under examination. Kennedy, Gioia (2005;118) about why speak figuratively stated that a figure of speech may be said to occur whenever speaker or writer, for the sake of freshness or emphasis, departs from the usual denotation of words. Kennedy, Gioia (2005;121) mentions that there are several common figures of speech. They are Metaphor, Simile, Personification, Apostrophe,
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