The Importance Of English As The Language Of Global Communication

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English has its indomitable influence as the language of global communication and advancing technology and hence its growing need and value in education is inevitable, everywhere in the world. The progress of globalization and English language development are interrelated and they complement each other by working as pull factors for one another. Hence in this era of communication, such interlink between English and employability is getting strengthened day by day and it is quite obvious that English determines the employment opportunities and career prospects of a graduate, who enters the global job market. This paper overviews the strong bondage between this universal language and employment and the implication it has on the increased employability, especially in India.
KEY WORDS: Influence of English, increased employability, tool for global competence, the growing need for English proficiency
English, which is be considered as an international language and the most dominant language in the world, plays an important role as a tool of communication locally and globally and unanimously gained the status of being recognized as the global medium for any field on this earth. According to Nesa (2004, p.8) ―English is the lingua franca of business, commerce, science, Tourism, arts and literature of the whole world. Hence, in order to increase their employment opportunities, the present day graduates must be well versed in English, be able to use and
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