The Importance Of English Culture

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If you ask Kazakh teenagers about the English language, many of them will tell that they are learning it and even more will admit the importance of learning it. Since the beginning of the 21st century, the English language dominance and globalism altogether spread around rapidly. As a result, it altered culture and moral values of most non-English speaking countries, including Kazakhstan. Due to negative effects of globalism Kazakh’s native language and national traditions have decreased in value. Firstly, it can be seen in the way Kazakh community and the government itself praise the significance of English and eventually push it to people. Secondly, due to dedication of much time to learning new language and culture, the native ones get lost and forgotten. Finally, Kazakh nation’s powerful authorities and role models, who accustom their children to western culture, play a crucial role among citizen’s behavior towards the English language and western countries. There is a common belief in Kazakhstan that speaking English is a useful tool in assessing knowledge and building successful career. Indeed, a process of looking for a job usually ends pleasantly if you have at least basic knowledge in English. Government demands from the citizens to learn English imposing western countries’ teaching methods. For example, the most prestigious university in Kazakhstan, Nazarbayev University, is based on a fully English language program. Therefore, Kazakh students tend to value

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