The Importance Of English Essay

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The Importance of English in Global Era
The 21st century is marked by various significant changes. One of the changes is a shift from ‘imperialism’ to ‘globalization’ (Smith, in Gavran, 2013). The shift brought an effect on the raising demand of English Language Learning (ELL) among nation in this global era. It did not only become popular but also brought up some complex perspectives toward the issue. It was happened because English is considered as a gate to achieve many opportunities in social life.
People in most of nations around the world urge to learn English due to personal purposes. An example comes from Korea whose people do effort to learn this global language. Korea caught the notion of English as international language and design further action with English as a skill driven their action. Korean people used English as a medium to learn other subject knowledge such as science and technical engineering (Lankov, in Gavran, 2013). Besides, Japan has done similar thing
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And international relation. It was proven by mistakes made by people in using English (Megaiab, 2014). English skills are needed for those who want to develop career in education, mass media, journalistic, and those who want to achieve international grants and scholarships. In addition, non-English department students performed errors in understanding verbal as well as non-verbal English material. A research conducted by Arifin (2016) revealed that non-English department students’ lack of English proficiency was caused by some factors. First, students have less focus on ELL. They did not make English as one of priorities in their education. Though they do not need to dig and deepen the substance, they ought to learn English as what they did to other core
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