The Importance Of English In Education

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There are several reasons that probably become the problems of the students’ failure to use English in the classroom setting. The first is the English teachers or instructors still lack of capability in teaching the subject itself. The second is the method which used by the teacher does not cover the needs of the students’ characteristics and abilities. The third is the classroom management system which applied by the teachers is still not effective to cover the students’ condition in the classroom in order to create effective classroom circumstances. Those reasons actually focus on the ability of the teacher whether the teacher has a good capability in transferring their knowledge to the students, has an effective method in teaching, and has an effective classroom management system in the classroom. The result of Teacher Competence Assessment that has been done by the National Education Ministry that has been reported by Sundari on Sunday, August 5th 2012 shows that the quality and competence of the junior high school English teachers are still poor. Furthermore Arief on his article on Kompasiana, June 22nd, 2011 entitled “Jangan Asal Jadi Guru” discusses about teachers ability in teaching and learning process. The article also mentioned surprising information about the teachers in Indonesia based on the reports on Kompas on January 5th 2006, close to half numbers of teachers in Indonesia do not have proper competences in teaching and the standard of teachers in Indonesia
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