The Importance Of English In English Literature

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The introduction

During the early eighteenth century , there was no satisfactory answers to the general questions raised by the novelist . Mainly whether the novel is a new literary form or not. Ian watt suggests us to assume it was new and started with Defoe , Richardson, and Fielding. Then he states that there is no way to escape asking how does it differ from the prose fiction of the past . And if there is any reason why these differences took place in the eighteenth century .

Wait a minute , these assumptions are somehow claiming that the novel is English in origin and different from the previous literary works . And it seems like he denies that the novel is something that the world already witnessed . There are many novels that were not English in nature claim to be the first novel in the world , but the English novel didn 't come till later . This rise some the questions , why would Ian watt claim that the first novel was English ? What about Tale of Genji in Japan , the golden ass by Apuleius, Don Quixote in Spain ...? Why the eighteenth century exactly ? Isn 't there pilgrim progress by John Banyun ... ? However, the following passages might held the answers to not only the ones Ian watt is trying to answer , but also ours as readers and English literature students .

Ian watt main focus ,as it mentioned before is Defoe, Richardson, and Fielding. He makes it clear that the questions he is dealing with are large and difficult to answer . He
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