The Importance Of English In Indonesia

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It is widely known that English is important for Indonesia. The fundamental reason for this is English is well known as their power to become an international language. The number of people who speak English is used to determine the international status of this language. According to Crystal (2003), in 2002 there are approximately 2,000 million people who speak English throughout the world. Based on Kachru (1992) circle diagram, the early English was divided into three big circles; inner circles, outer circles and expanding circle. Indonesia’s status is on the expanding circle, which means, English, as a foreign language. In Indonesia, despite the fact that English has no broad use among the community, people still see it as a priority. Alvina…show more content…
Even though, they have an English subject, it is very basic of English. Besides, Indonesia is still a developing country, still quite a lot of people in Indonesia are living in poverty. According to Tambunan (2010), he stated that poverty in Indonesia on 2011 is around 11.42%. However that percentage is just estimation as there are a lot of distraction to do the survey for each village in Indonesia. Moreover, local people who teach English, most of them have their own jargon words to English. Not only of their slang, but the teacher qualification to teach is very low. These factors lead to concern about how will they teach English to the students. Therefore, to advance their English, people tend to go aboard to learn. In this case, only those people who are wealthy that can go aboard. On the other hand, those people who lives under poverty, they will stuck in Indonesia and cannot enhance their English skills. This may improve the role of elitist by people who can study aboard. Since English has been used throughout the world, human beings who cannot strengthen their English will be hard to adapt in their…show more content…
With information we can know what people around the world are doing, what are the newest technology, about political and many other things. Information can be acquired easily these days, by using digital devices such as smartphone or tablet. English has been the most powerful language now and it is also become the international language. Therefore, a lot of information that has been shared is using English as their medium. By using English the author believed that all people would understand and know what the information is. Kenji Kitao (1996) has stated that English is the major language of Information and news, 80% of data is stored and processed by using English. Even in other country where English is used as a minority language, there is at least one newspaper is used in English

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