The Importance Of English Language Competency In Education

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for living. This shows that English language not just a set of corpus, but more to the usage and the needs in real communication among the language users.

Many of English language researches have investigated the content within ELC. For instance, IELTS Official Test Centre is a strong reference in evaluating and promoting English language by running English schools in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan and so on, since 1988. Under IELTS, English language proficiency in the schools is measured individually and in group for the four language skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing). The purpose is to enhance English learners’ proficiency where structural and sociolinguistics contents are both required to shape the learning process (Coleman, 2010).

Meanwhile, in Malaysia, where our education system is based on exam-oriented system, one may score the best in examination but are incompetent in practicing the language learned. For instance, most of the students scored good result in public examination of English subject. However, for practicing English, more than half of them do not perform well (Rohaizat, 2009). It is assumed that it is challenging for students because most of them have their own language of their race. Furthermore, due to nativisation of phonology and mixing with local languages, many authorities started to highlight on the falling standards of English language competency among Malaysians. Thus, the English language
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