The Importance Of English Language Education In Saudi Arabia

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English language learning has never been as important for the non-native speakers as it is now in today’s globalized world. With the huge advancement of technology and proliferation of satellite media, it has become synonymous with success to achieve mastering over English language skills. Many rich and affluent countries in Middle East have been focusing on teaching EFL and EFL on a priority base to enable their academic and workforce to compete in a highly competitive global world. Saudi Arabia is no exception. As one of the leading countries in world affairs, Saudi Arabia needs English language skills more than ever. Saudi Arabia has been on this road of modernization for the last few decades and the country is striving for achieving international standardization in almost every field of life. Saudis are spending an exorbitant sum of money into the infrastructure and providing the state of the art facilities to their educational institutions. *R* However, the fact that many EFL students are not achieving the expected level of language proficiency sets back education in the field of foreign language learning. The relatively low level of English Language among Preparatory Year students at Dammam University has brought about many questions. As such, it becomes all the more important to investigate the effectiveness of the communicative language teaching used and the need incorporating English grammar as a separate language skill. Before we go into the details of our

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