The Importance Of English Language In Education

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Keeping in mind, the importance of English language in today’s scenario, almost all Universities in India have included English language in the curriculum. I have included two universities in this study. One university is Punjab Technical University and another is Anna University. Both universities are very prominent universities of North and South India respectively. Both the universities have included English subject in their curriculum. English is taught as a subject named “Communicative English” and “Communicative English Laboratory” in the Punjab Technical University (PTU). In Anna University it is named as “Technical English” and “Communication Skills Lab”. The main aim of these universities is to provide a platform for learning, practicing and producing language skills through interactive lessons. But the question arises, whether the prescribed curriculum is suitable for the needs of engineering students. For the research purpose two colleges have been included. The first one is Rayat Bahra Institute of Engineering and Nano Technology; Hoshiarpur (RBIENT) affiliated to PTU and the second one is Valliammai Engineering College, Chennai (VEC) affiliated to Anna University. As stated above, English is taught as “Communicative English” in PTU. This subject has been allotted 3 hours a week. It is mentioned in the syllabus that, “the objective is to help the students to become independent users of English language. Students should be able to understand spoken and written
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