The Importance Of English Language In India

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As opening of universities and schools was very rapid in India the demand of its emerged along with it which enabled some of outcast society member to come forward to learn English. Now English was not confined to only few private schools and colleges but the standard of English always remained an area of concern for all. The government took the precautionary measures by appointing commissions to develop the standard of English in schools and colleges. The Secondary Education Commission highlighted the same in a similar tone when Commission reaffirmed the importance of English language for example, University Education Commission mentioned that learning of English must continue because it a language which is rich in literature- humanistic,…show more content…
It has always believed that a proficient learner is the only one who possesses a good command over spoken and written skills and is able to use English for the library purposes. In that regard Mahajiteswar Das had a different opinion stating that to avail a desired job and explore other job opportunities only learning ‘Library language’ is not enough because the students who acquire ‘Library language’ are less competent than the students who develop language in all four skills. Henceforth, it is important to develop all the language skills in order to enhance communication skills (Indra,…show more content…
After the independence using English was considered as burden in some places where as it was a sign of liberation for others. Acknowledging the volume of discussion taken place on the status of English in India, the investigator tries to highlight the necessity of English in India. The need English language teaching was emphasized from all the directions unanimously. In fact the report of National Knowledge Commission (2007) also highlights that “In the current scenario, an understanding and command of the English language, is a most important determinant of access to higher education, employment possibilities and social opportunities”. Whereas (Graddol, 2010) quoted that, “The place of English in India cannot be understood without simultaneously understanding both the local detail and the bigger national picture”. On the contrary English language has emerged as a global language, there are various countries emphasising on teaching English language as basic skill to the youth to prepare them for the civil society of twenty first century. English is considered as lingua franca and provides many advantages to its speakers. As per Graddol (2010), there are three main drivers of English in India, a) Education, b) Employment, and c) Social mobility. All three are interlinked and inter-dependent. Moreover,

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