The Importance Of English Language In Vietnam

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Over the last two decades, the requirements for English language ability in
Vietnam have significantly changed with the rapidly increasing demands of globalization in many fields, such as the economy, the environment, and culture. English has been considered an essential foreign language, especially for the Vietnamese young generation. Particularly, it is included in the curriculum of almost every schools and universities. Moreover, the Vietnamese Prime Minister issued Decision “Teaching and Learning Foreign Languages in the National Formal Education System in the Period 2008 -2020” to promote the study of English further and to better the quality of English teaching and learning in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the interest of students in English is not the same as how well they understand the crucial role of being good at English. Students seem reluctantly to learn English as a compulsory discipline in their school. The reasons for the ignorance to English of students were originated from poor learning condition and traditional teaching methods. The anxiety of this subject also cause demotivated in learning English in a large number of students (Tran, 2007). In fact, there is big lack of motivation in studying English in the class, the students do not get enough motivation
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I have read a number of reports. It recognizes that motivational strategies is really important in the progress of learning of students. However, it comes to my knowledge that although motivational strategies from context receives much attention of researchers in the field, to date few efforts have been done to examine the importance of motivational strategies from the context in learning and teaching English, especially in the context of Vietnamese universities. As a result, the research studied on English language learning and teaching motivation has a great meaning to
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