The Importance Of English Language

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This research paper highlights the significance of English language to young Indians. The process adopted was to meet students from vernacular schools located in urban and semi- urban areas and seek responses to a questionnaire designed to understand how English was taught in their school and why they felt it was important to learn English. The response to the questionnaire clearly presents the opinion of Generation Z also known as Gen Z (those born in 2000 upto present) about the importance of English language in their lives and the desire to acquire proficiency in the language. It very clearly brings out that this Generation looks at proficiency in Spoken English as a much required skill for higher education and better employment options. It also reveals the gaps in the education system that needs to be bridged if we truly want to empower this generation to keep pace with changing times.
The paper brings out the importance of Spoken English to Indians in the present day competitive scenario as superior communication skills actually becomes a differentiator in the context of employment. It brings out the need to create better systems to impart language education so that the student of today emerges as a confident adult, ready to face the world. It also brings out the need to impart spoken English skills in a different format, so that the student acquires proficiency in speaking the language. As a quick fix solution, schools can conduct special spoken English classes for
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