Difference Between Enlightenment And Romanticism

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Know the world better Through all these times, humans are always looking for the right way of knowing the world. Different societies tried different ways. Some of them are objective while others are subjective. For instance, Enlightenment and Romanticism have each made their society extremely objective and subjective, which neither made a good influence. In the circumstances of the destructiveness of both Enlightenment and Romanticism Worldview as they reach to the extremes, a balanced worldview between them, which seeks the truth with reason and strives to live life with moderate humanity, should become the right way for human beings to know the world. Dehumanization became an issue during the Enlightenment time ever since the industrial revolution started, which is caused by people’s incorrect worldview of treating the universe as a…show more content…
After Homer’s father, a miner, asked Homer, a highschool boy from a small town and wants to build a rocket, if he wants to work at mine, he claims: “ No. Coal mining may be your life, but it's not mine. I'm never going down there again. I wanna go into space”(October Space ). The main character Homer wants the life out of Coalwood, the small town they are living in. “Never” reveals Homer’s unsatisfactory of life in the mines, and “Space” means his the unlimited future life outside of Coalwood, which is vast and unpredictable. The universe is not a machine for Homer because he has his own mind to pursue his dream, and he also uses the rational knowledge on the books to build the rocket. Just like Homer, use objective thinking to seek the truth and subjective thinking to live the life balance the worldview of both Enlightenment and Romanticism, and makes it a acceptable and right way to know the

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