The Importance Of Entitlement In Sports

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If a coach's philosophy behind playing competitive sports is to win, then he must put the best team on the field. Returning starters are usually considered first, but they still need to prove themselves every season. With that in mind, coaches need to evaluate everyone and not just a select few, otherwise it potentially destroys the idea of playing the best. Whereas without entitlement, athletes have to prove themselves to the team.
Not having entitlement in sports allows everyone an equal chance at earning a starting position. Although upperclassman are generally more advanced, coaches need to chose skill over age when selecting their team. I have been a baseball varsity starter for Royalton High School since eighth grade and have loved every
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When players have to earn their spot, teams will reach their maximum potential then. Competitive teams play to win, not please people, so playing time should be determined by ability. Even though playing time is unequal, anybody who proves himself will receive more. For instance, my legion baseball team last summer had a struggling infield. After numerous costly errors from our second baseman, my coach Ryan Snyder brought up a younger athlete who deserved the chance to play and excelled at second base, solving our problems for the rest of the season. The skill level of our team went from average to great, and making fewer errors per game allowed us to win more. If something may benefit a team, it needs to occur, whether or not people agree with it. Age does not entitle an athlete to automatically play above everyone else, and without having entitlement, our baseball team reached its full potential. Another time my baseball team became better from not having entitlement occurred three years ago. Jerry, my original coach for that summer, believed in entitlement, and if he did not know an athlete personally he would not play him. So when my best friend joined the team he hardly played, and it frustrated him. Austin could out perform any other outfielder but Jerry looked at an athlete’s personality and age instead of talent. About half way through the season, Jerry resigned due to some conflicts with the Waite Park

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