The Importance Of Entrepreneurial Education

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1.1 Introduction

Entrepreneurial education is all activities aim encouraging thinking that is entrepreneurial, attitude and skill and protect an aspect range like idea generation, start, growth and innovation. Academic students of the entrepreneurial phenomenon have emphasized different aspects of behaviour in business. Austrian economist involved entrepreneurship with innovation. (Josef Schumpeter, 1883—1950). Meanwhile, Schumpeter colleague at Harvard involved entrepreneurship with activity that is full objective and organisation creation. (Arthur Cole, 1889—1980), and management teacher, determines entrepreneurship as a discipline. (Peter Drucker, 1909—2005). There are many elements that should have in entrepreneur subject. One of the elements is seeing efficiency entrepreneurship that is major embedded into student, offering student at least a practical entrepreneurial experience before leaving compulsory education, improving entrepreneurship training to students with source that support national job plans , and encouraging entrepreneurial learning modules for students join any association. Entrepreneurial education will challenge students’ entrepreneurial knowledge and provide with students’ motivation and skill to start a business, and obtain financing for students. Besides that, students will learn how to start a business, engaging with business industry and generate income. Entrepreneur is an individual who, rather than working

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