The Importance Of Entrepreneurship In South Africa

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usiness management
BMA1A Written Assignment
Marco Pisanello
Mr. John Davids
Due: 30 April 2015

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Introduction Page 1
Development and growth of economy Page 1
Profile of organisation Page 4
Assessment of the business Page 6
Reference list Page 7

In this assignment I will be discussing how important entrepreneurship is for the development and growth of the economy of South Africa. I will also be analyzing and evaluating a local business in the area (Honeydew Liquor City) and determine whether this business is doing well or not given the analysis that will be done on the profile of the business.

Development and growth of the economy
Entrepreneurship is vital for the success for the South African economy as entrepreneurship is a behavior on focusing on opportunities in the market and can happen in Small, Micro and Medium enterprises ( SMME’s). Small businesses have a huge affect on employment, Social and Political stability. According to Drotskie, Nieuwenhuizen and Oosthuizen, 2014, there is a positive link between entrepreneurship and economic growth.
Employment is closely linked to the state of the economy as, if the economy is stable and in a good position, this will encourage future entrepreneurs to seek for new opportunities in the market and try to start a business. Where as if the state of economy is low and deteriorating this will affect the entrepreneurs in looking for new opportunities

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