The Importance Of Entrepreneurships In Tourism

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Entrepreneurships associated with small businesses are regarded as the key vehicle for creating new enterprises in a country as they generate more job opportunities and stimulate competition. Small businesses play an important role as the lifeblood of the economy. In many countries, they are at the forefront of government 's efforts to promote innovation, enterprises and increased productivity. Small business firms are particularly important because of their role in supply chain. They are important for the competition they stimulate and ideas, products and services they bring to the market place.

The tourism and hospitality industry is a complex industry with distinct field of activity. This sector is a component of economic and social life, which offers multiple entrepreneurial opportunities for small business development. This is a capital intensive and highly competitive field of activity. Entrepreneurships in this industry mainly focus on economic development of tourist areas, aim to create new sustainable businesses by increasing the capacity and willingness of enterprises to organize the business and manage risks.
Entrepreneurships in tourism should boost competitiveness in the industry, thus leading to increased productivity and economic development in the country. Entrepreneurships in tourism need to contribute to economic prosperity of local community, which ultimately enhances the well-being of residents. Thus, tourism offers a potential solution for increased

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