The Importance Of Environment On The Environment

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Today’s world is enormously different from what it was before development and industrialisation has occupied its toll on the world. Since the turn of the new era the issue of the environment has rapidly changed into a common issue which is really discussed all over the world. No longer are humans living in a world where the environment is peaceful or stable but much rather becoming unnatural and weakening before our eyes. The plants, trees and flowers are lives which God has created for us to enjoy their beauty but it is now merely up to us as well as many other organisations to protect preserve and respect how delicate our environment really is. The earth has been around a really long time. It has restored itself and taken care of itself after the ice ages, middle ages and any other ages you could think of. The problem is people and their greed. If you believe God made this world, then you know he is smart enough to build a world that does not need our help in saving it. It can save itself, but the problem is when humans keep over doing it year after year then it is only logical to think that it will be overdone and pushed too far one day. That one is approaching really fast.
Environment comprises of all biological, physical, social, cultural, economic, and chemical factors surrounding something or someone. It involves living things as well as natural forces. The atmosphere of living things gives the conditions for development and growth, as well as of danger and damage.
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